Thursday, May 3, 2007

Egg on Face! Colonel Gunn Receives Tepid Welcome at Georgetown ANC

Last night, Colonel "VPP Puppet" Gunn and Darius Stanton requested to speak at the local Advisory Neighborhood Council meeting. They neglected to inform the Jelleff Board, with whom they publicly claim they wish to cooperate...Luckily, we all have friends in local political places and were notified to be there as well.

Colonel Gunn gave his well prepared song and dance about how they carefully studied all 22 facilities in BGCGW. How they are here to seek input from the community on the redevelopment of Jelleff. How it is a time of scarce resources and they have to make difficult decisions. How he hopes that they will keep or rebuild a club there. How he knows we are all emotional about the issue. How BGCGW have to be where the kids need them most.

No one even clapped. Instead, there were many commissioners who voiced their disappointment. Then, the Jelleff representatives were permitted air time. One spoke about how there are other more creative ways to bring money to the table than selling the assets. Another emphasized all children are at risk. Yet another mentioned the lack of local input and flawed data used to conduct the study and informed the local gathering that this was a total sham and all about selling the property to raise money for the parent organization's deficit and financial woes. Each Jelleff representative received significant applause.

But the most significant thing happened when a Board member went to thank Colonel Gun for his appearance and told him that the crowd is a tough one, and they will not be easily reckoned with -- but Colonel Gunn stared down the Board member and said, slowly and with emphasis, "We will win."

That's all he cares about. Not the kids, just winning. Of course as a military man, that is the way his mind must work. Must win, must not lose this nice $250,000 cushy job.

Gentlemen (and ladies), roll your sleeves up as the fight has just begun.

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